A* response

Our work with Anglia Ruskin University has helped increase student engagement, providing instant answers to everyday student problems

Never miss a deadline

Always-on communication

Anglia Ruskin University has campuses in the UK and partners across the globe, and with students from 177 countries currently studying from a choice of over 530 courses, they have a lot of student enquiries to go through every day. Each query is specific and personal, so the team at ARU need to ensure every question is answered correctly, and quickly, from prospective students asking about course information to post graduates needing to know timetable information.

From Freshers week to post-grad queries

Contextually respond in real-time

ARU quickly realised how time consuming this was for the team and frustrating for the students themselves so they needed a partner that to ensure no question was missed and that all information was readily available on their website, 24/7. Our platform allows ARUs team to respond immediately to all their inbound queries, saving them time and money and giving students critical information.


Queries handled in the first month


Confidence level of the AI


Click-through rate for rich content


Queries handled day and night

Student engagement increased

Engagement metrics were up 233% compared to other online channels, with over 250 daily sessions being handled by the platform, with an impressive 0% failure rate of response

More content consumer

CTR for links such as timetables and course information was 71%, hugely impressive. Importantly for ARU, students were engaging with the channel 2/7 and getting the information they required, instantly.

A human on hand

Our integration with Zendesk meant a human was always available if they were needed, meaning we were able to surface the right content, to the right user, instantly.

The Envolve platform has enabled us to have an always-on conversation channel directly with our students. Regardless of time of day students can now engage with us directly and the the information they need. We are really staggered with the amount of queries we have had come in, and even more impressed that they are all being dealt with immediately giving the students important information.

Callum Tasker

Business Development Director